7 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Watch

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7 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Watch


Buying a watch can be one of the most important investments that you are making as an individual. Especially when you go full out and get yourself a designer brand that might cost you a fortune. No one is complaining since you can afford it.


Here is a list of all the essential tips that you can use to take better care of your watch.


1.Be Gentle


If your watch is made up of a leather strand, then failing to be gentle with it will cause it to wear out on the edges, having the breaks in the strand. If it’s made up of mettalic strand, and you are not careful then the bracelet will start having hollow links instead of them being solid. This will cause them to be lighter, and when they fall hard against a surface,  


2.Don’t Demand Perfection


If you are having a quartz timepiece then it might be slightly accurate when it comes to telling time compared to the automatic digital watches.


You should expect your quarts watch to keep time within a minute. It will still serve you the intended purpose which is keeping time and making you look on point while at it


3.Don’t Overwind


If you are having a mechanical watch, regardless of the year it was designed. It will probably require you to wound regularly. Then make sure that you do not overwind it. An automatic watch would self wind itself.


 If you have  a hand watch you can self wind the watch yourself, take note so that you can stop winding when you feel as if there is a resistance in the crown.


You should not drain out the last turn out of it, this could overwind the mainspring and it might damage your watch.


4.Steer Clear of Water


When you have purchased your watch, make sure that it is water resistance. If not then you need to keep it away from water since it will damage your watch. Make sure that you take your watch off when you are going into water.


Additionally, the gasket on your quarts watch could be shattered out and this would cause moisture to soak in and cause fog beneath the watch crystal. In the long run, the vapor will evaporate, but the superlative idea is to avoid water bodies at all costs.


5.Give it a Rest


If you have any plans to do any energetic movements, where your arms will be in full motion. 


This could be activities such as playing golf, or tennis. Then it is advisable that you leave your watch at home.


Two places that you should make sure that you keep your watch far away from is the water bodies and activities that might cause damage to your watch.


Your watch is a delicate timepiece and will most probably not be able to withstand if hit with stronger pieces. 


6.Keep it Clean


Your watch is a vulnerable time piece and dust is a big enemy of your watch movement. If you are removing the crown to set the time of the watch, then make sure that you do it in a  dry, clean place. You could pull out your table and sit on it as you work on your watch. 


You can wipe the outside of your watch with a  soft piece of cloth to make sure that its clean at all times


7.Box It, Don’t Use A Watch Winder.


If you are not wearing your quartz watch, then it is best that you place it back into its box. You soul also lay it into your watch dresser. This will increase the lifetime of your watch. 


That’s it from us, keep in touch for more advice on how best you can take care of your watches and the time pieces.

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