It’s a problem we all have. You go shopping in Kenya online shops and you get the same things. The same shoe, the same shirt, the same phone. The only difference in price. What if you want to be different?

You don’t want to buy the same tomato who’s source you don’t know, do you? We started Ghulio for the Kenyan smart shopper who wants to be different. You want to know your supplier, you want to know where your food came from. You don’t mind paying a little more to do the right thing.

But doing the right thing doesn’t mean you pay more. Our pricing strategy is simple. For one off clients, you get low prices. For subscribers, you get wholesale prices with the lowest markups.

Why Shop Online with Ghulio?

Only the Best Make it on Ghulio

Only the Best Make it to Ghulio

We spend months searching for the perfect manufacturer, producer and source for the products on Ghulio. We visit them often, and build strong personal relationships with the owners.

This hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure the integrity of your products. As an added assurance we have guarantees on the quality of the products from the producers.

Pricing that Makes Sense

Our profits come from your loyalty

In traditional shops, a shirt is marked up 5x by the time it reaches the customer. At Ghulio, we believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. Our markups are as low as 10% of the product cost.

From our fashion accessories to our farm produce, all of our products are made at ethical factories, from the finest materials, and sold without traditional markups.

Changing the Status Quo

It’s not enough to be normal

Nothing is worse than complacency, and as a brand our culture is to dissect every single decision we make at every level of the company.

We know our customers are also rule breakers and questioners, so we hope this philosophy is palpable in the products and choices we make. And by all means, challenge us too

Our Community

“We are an online store and understand that your reviews and suggestions are important to us. More important than anything else we do at Ghulio. So we welcome all your good and bad reviews of our product line.

Take your time and leave us a good or bad review on our site. We shall offer you an instant discount.

We believe that community is what helps our country grow. As such, we have a standard 1% – 5% community development fund for every product sold on our site. Yes, every time you shop with us, you help someone in need.”

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