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*Fresh*Easy to prepare*clean*Easy to cook lentils are a rich source of proteins.


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1 kg Pawpaw

pawpaw has vitamin K which reduces the high risk of bone fracture. Enough vitamin K consumption is important for health, as it improves calcium absorption and also strengthen and rebuild bones.

1kg of Matomoko

Matomoko stores Vitamin C which helps in neutralizing free radicals, also contains magnesium that plays vital role in relaxing muscles and protecting heart against diseases.

Guava 1kg

Guava is considered one of the healthiest fruit. this is because It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C  which is about 3 times more than other fruits and has high nutritional value.

Pineapple - Per Piece

Pineapples have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart.

Tree tomato 1kg

Tree tomatos are one of the very low-calorie fruits. they have good amounts of health benefiting plant nutrients such as minerals,dietry fiber and vitamins.


Add Vegetables to Your Basket

Cabbage 1kgKSh45.00
Capsicum Green 1Kg (Pilipili Hoho)KSh100.00
Capsicum Red 1Kg (Pilipili Hoho)KSh330.00
Common Potatoes 1KgKSh110.00
Dhania 1/4Kg (Cilantro/Coriander)KSh150.00
Fresh kales Bunch

Kales are known to improve eyesight,this is because of vitamin A. They can also strengthen the immune system to fight viruses and bacterias



Red Onions 1kg

Red onions are composed of health-promoting compounds which improve the overall immune system. The nutritive compounds found in red onions act on the body using antibacterial and antiviral effects to boost the immune system.

Spinach Bunch

The highest health benefits of spinach is skin care regulating  blood pressure,to strengthen muscles and most importantly very good for treating cataracts.

Tomatoes 1kg

60-100/kg on and off season

White onions per kg

Alot of research says white onions helps to control blood sugar level  and support fertility. This is good news to women, they can be eaten both raw and cooked.