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  • White Forest Cake in Kenya

    White Forest Cake

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    White Forest Cake in Kenya

    All of us are for sure guilty of diving our teeth to experience the moist haven that the cake offers, I see you licking your lips! The white forest is a sponge cake on steroids, infused with hints of vanilla, filled with fruits, for the health fanatics and yes you alcoholics, rum syrup.

    A little bit of everyone’s favorite thing baked and presented in white forest fashion, it can be a reality.


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  • Transparent Cake Box

    Transparent Barbie Cake Box

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    Make your birthday or event special. Try our one of a kind transparent cake boxes for your birthday cake. Wholesale orders welcome.

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  • orange cake kenya

    Orange Cake

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    The delicious orange cake in kenya

    Many times we get subjected to eating a cake that’s supposed to be an orange (or fruit) flavored cake but we immediately gag because of the overload of chemicals that have gone into the cake to give it a shadowy resemblance of an orange cake. But this ends today!!

    Here is a cake so moist and so rich in orange flavor it’s tantalizingly good and here is the crazy part, it’s all natural from fresh oranges.

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  • vanilla cake in kenya

    Vanilla Cake

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    Unbelievable Vanilla Cake in Kenya

    Whenever I eat this cake, I think of being a child again. It takes me back to the days where I’d eat a home baked cake by my mum after a long day playing and schooling.

    This cake is not a basic as many believe but is one of the most complex cakes to make stand out due to the oversaturation of the market with low quality “vanilla”. However, this cake will blow your socks off with its tender crumb and flavorful vanilla taste. It’ll leave a mark you.

    Try it, I dare you!

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  • red velvet cake kenya

    Red Velvet Cake

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    Delicious Red Velvet Cake in Kenya

    This cake has always been a mystery. Is it a vanilla cake or is it a chocolate cake? Something else all together? But here is the answer!!! An exquisite buttery cake with a very vibrant red that screams delectableness.

    This cake has some buttermilk, cocoa and vinegar that all works together to produce, with the help of food color, the rich red cake that we all enjoy.

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  • Fruit Cake Kenya

    Fruit Cake

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    The Original Fruit Cake in Kenya

    We’ve all been to a wedding where we ate a “fruit-cake” that tasted like saw dust and looked 30 days old but this is the cake that debunks all myths, haters and naysayers.

    A rich-fruity-cake that has lots of spices and lots of rum: The fruits are soaked in the Rum for days, so that they soak up all that alcohol goodness. This makes the cake very heavy and packs quite the punch with every bite. Sort of like the antithesis of the forest cakes which just dissolve in your mouth.

    Cooked with a lot of love and care, this cake is perfect for weddings and any celebrations

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  • chocolate fudge cake kenya

    Chocolate Fudge Cake

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    Parental Advisory on this sumptous Chocolate Fudge cake in Kenya

    Have you ever had a dream where you ate a chocolate cake that was so good, you died? But when you woke up you were disappointed coz you were still alive? Fear no more!!!! This is the cake that you had dreamed of.

    A cake that only be described as sinful, oozing with chocolate ganache with a chocolatey-fudgy cake base that all comes together to create this killer cake.

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  • coconut lime cake kenya

    Coconut and Lemon Cake

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    Best Price Coconut & Lime Cake in Kenya

    All of you on a diet to kindly get off at this point because where we next you cannot/should not/ dare not follow. This coconut and lime cake has come to change the game.

    The cake is thick with coconut cream, coconut milk and finally desiccated coconut, all of which is brought together with butter that adds to the creamy taste and texture. Doesn’t this sound perfect already?

    But we’re not done yet; we decorate it with a homemade lemon curd that cuts through all the heavy cream texture with a tangy sweet taste that is bound to make us ascend to cake heaven

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  • Black Forest Cake Kenya

    Black Forest Cake

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    The Black Forest Cake on Ghulio

    A rich chocolaty sponge cake that melts in your mouth: with rum syrup and whipping cream, this cake is bound to knock your socks off. This cake is filled with strawberries and cream that add an extremely tangy taste but is balanced out well with the cream.

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