Nokia 5310

This stylish, easy-to-use handset features a bright backlit display, a built-in camera, Bluetooth® wireless technology and a large selection of downloadable games and Java applications.

  • RAM: 8 MB
  • Internal Storage: 16 MB
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Main camera: VGA with flash
  • Front camera: Not available
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Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310


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Nokia 5310 price in Kenya

The recommended retail price for Nokia 5310 in Kenya is around 5,600 shillings. Its actual name is Nokia 5310 (2020). This is because it is a revamped version of Nokia 5310 XpressMusic from 2007. These are what we love to call, classic mobile phones see also Nokia 3310 (2017).

Never miss a beat

This is the slogan which HMD uses to market this phone. Never miss a beat! As already mentioned this is but a redecorated model from what we saw back in 2007. It gained its popularity because it was a portable mp3 player so to speak. Nokia 5310 (2020) replicated this and carried it to the future. However, this move was met with mixed reaction, most of which are fairly positive. Though I must mention that if Nokia would have this affected then including 16 MB internal storage here kind of beats the purpose of this phone. And it runs on 8 MB of RAM. This leads to the next section.

FM radio and mp3 player 

Now we know that Nokia 5310 (2020) has 16 MB of internal storage. Which by the way is less than XpressMusic’s 30 MB  and that was back in 2007. But to be able to save lots of music you will need to make use of that micro SDHC slot option to expand this storage. Else, it will be two songs max on repeat. Luckily with the wireless FM radio you will not have to go through all this trouble. The phone comes with dedicated music buttons and powerful dual front-facing speakers. 

Stay connected 24/7

Need I elaborate further on this point? Maybe with matters connectivity and not battery life. Nokia 5310 (2020) comes with a removable 1200 mAh battery that can go weeks in standby. Having gotten that out of the way I would you also know one other thing namely – Nokia 5310 (2020) does not support 3G or 4G, it only has 2G network connectivity. And can you either go for a Single SIM (Mini-SIM) or Dual SIM (Mini-SIM, dual stand-by) version of it.

Never miss a beat with Nokia 5310. Let the music flow with a wireless FM radio and its MP3 player and listen in with the powerful dual front-facing speakers. Also, stay connected with a battery life that’s there for you day after day. And keep it fresh with a revamped design of an old favorite Nokia smartphone. Nokia 5310 (2020) comes in color White/Red or Black/Red. Check out its official website by following this link.

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Internal Storage

less than 1GB


Less than 512MB


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